Highways Awards 2021
Royal Lancaster London
20 October 2021

Entry FAQ's

Q. Who can enter the Highways Awards?
A. Anyone within the highways industry is encouraged to enter. There is a fair and open system of scoring each entry, which makes the Awards equally accessible to both small and large organisations.

Q. Can I nominate myself or my company for any of the awards categories?
A. Yes, and you are encouraged to do so.

Q. Who judges the awards?
A. The judges are all from the highways industry with a wealth of experience.

Q. What are the judges looking for in an award-winning nomination?
A. The judging criteria for each category of award differs slightly. See our nomination forms for specific requirements by clicking on Award Categories. General information on what the judges are looking for are shown in the 'How to Enter' section.

Q. What’s the closing date for nominations?
A. The closing date for nominations is Friday 19th June 2020.

Q. As a past winner or finalist, is there any point in me submitting nominations again? 
A. Absolutely! If you don’t enter, you won’t win, and every nomination is treated on its own merits, regardless of whether you have been successful in previous years. If you are a previous winner, try and win again. Others have. If you have been a previous finalist then go for it, and try and win this time round.

Q. How long should the submission be?
A. Please follow the recommended word counts shown on the nomination forms. Submissions that do not meet the criteria may not be considered.

Q. Is there a cost to enter? 
A. No, entering an award is free.  However, shortlisted organisations are required to be represented at the awards ceremony and gala dinner. A standard table of 10 is £1,990+VAT, but we will accommodate a minimum booking of 5 seats at £1050 +VAT if necessary.


CORONAVIRUS UPDATE. No-one can predict how your celebrations may be affected on 13 October – whether they will need to be re-scheduled or simply adapted on the night. We wanted to assure you that, should numbers be restricted, we are exploring ways that other members of your organisations can join us virtually, and table requirements will be adjusted accordingly. We will keep you updated on developments throughout the summer.

One thing we do know is that nothing will stand in the way of our resilient #HighwaysHeroes. Recognise, Reward, Celebrate.

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